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Are you aware that the most important part of painting preparation? If preparation steps are not carried out properly or accordingly, there may be some hindrances. Professional painters would usually know key to successful house painting project is preparation. Room that are properly prepared for a painting service, the cleaning up will be easy and look professional.

Here are some steps that I found very useful:

Step 1 - Vacant the room as clean as possible. Remove huge and bulky furniture. Remember to ensure there are nothing can hinder the painting and preparation.

Step 2 – Remove any decorations ie Paintings, Posters or Photo frame etc, from the walls or ceilings. Clear out all visible items ie. Nails, Tape or kind of hangers. Do patching of holes, you do not require them.

Step 3 – Remember every spot of your area and items are properly or completely covered to prevent any drop paint to paint. This can help greatly help avoid painting area that you don't wish to stain it. Ensure every spot is securely cover to avoid mess later. Cover floor with unwanted newspaper furniture and unwanted clothes or shift the furniture out of the room.

Step 4 - All walls must be cleaned before doing your painting. Dirtied walls will make the paint not stick evenly and caused the painting to look mess. Mild soap detergent to doing the wall cleaning will do the trick or use trisodium phosphate (TSP) for tough grease stains. Use sponge mopping for cleaning of the entire walls making  less tedious and faster. Wash and rinse with water and let the wall for drying.

Step 5 – All electric cover & light fixture must be removed. To prevent any loss of the screws after the fixtures is being removed; reinsert all the screws back to the position where the electrical cover and light fixture are. If light fixture aren't able to be removed, to protect fixtures, they must wrapped some of unwanted newspaper.

Lastly, to say it again is, the more detailed you do for the preparation in those area which you don't want the paint to platter on, you will spend less time in cleaning the messy work left behind due to the paint.

Always remember that mostly 80% of work involve painting is part of the preparation.

Painting contractor can aid you with the selection of the materials and colours. They can also complete the whole painting job fast and efficiently. If you are looking for fast and effective painting service, you can try Singapore Painting Services

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