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Painting not only makes a commercial building complete but also adds great value and aesthetic appeal. As such, hiring a good commercial painter requires thoughtful consideration. It becomes even more crucial when being done in a country like Singapore where there are numerous painters offering commercial painting services. You should therefore look no further than Painting Service Singapore for all your commercial painting needs.

Reasons why you should choose painting services Singapore as your commercial painting company

We are experienced

Experience is what differentiates an amateur from a professional painter. Having served in this industry for many years we are able to offer all kinds of commercial painting services, both exterior and interior. We will provide you with a portfolio of the work we have done over the years and contacts of our past clients. Our references are all over Singapore and a talk with them will assure you that Painting Service Singapore is not a newbie in the commercial painting industry.

Apart from customer references you can also find out more about our reputation from several regulators in the industry. These bodies include the consumer fraud unit, local building department, consumer protection agency and the Better Business bureau.

Enjoy free onsite and comprehensive written quotations or estimates

Most companies offering commercial painting services in Singapore will never give quotations unless they are assured of the contract. On the contrary, we give free on site quotes without any commitments whatsoever from the side of the client. Putting the contract in writing protects your interests as well as ours. The contract contains the names and addresses of both the contractor and customer. It also spells out details such as materials, colors and the expected duration of the project. Providing written quotes and eventually putting the contract in writing is a guarantee to our customers that we are transparent and do not intend to hide anything from them.

Our prices are very competitive

Budget matters a lot in commercial painting. This is due to the fact that it is a thriving sector and many fraudulent painting companies tend to pocket more than they deliver. We do not strive to offer our clients the lowest bids in the industry. Instead our prices vary depending on the type, and space of the commercial building. Other factors that will determine our quotation is also the type of paint used. This therefore means that we have everything for everyone and all prices are custom made to meet the tastes and preferences of various customers.

A guarantee of quality paint and other supplies

Most clients would not know, but the quality of paint matters. Painting service Singapore uses top brand paints which are of very high quality. Besides we get to explain each type of paint and outline its qualities so that you choose the one you desire. In addition to paint quality, our paints also come in a variety of colors. The paints we use are able to withstand the wear and tear of the environment. Also the smoothness, finish and color of the paint is retained for long. In addition to that, our paints are very easy to clean and environmentally friendly.

We provide high standard painting workmanship

A good and homogenous paint finish is not only determined by the quality of paint but also the skill of the worker. Painting Service Singapore works with professional, experienced and highly skilled painters. Our team is very dedicated and you are assured of top notch work. Our staff achieve this great workmanship by observing punctuality and patience. We start the work at the agreed time, so that there is no last minute rush. Once the work is done you will supervise and our patient workers will be on standby to fix any areas you feel have not been done satisfactorily. We only walk away after we are assured of your total satisfaction.

Painting service Singapore is insured and licensed

A good and professional painting company must have an insurance policy and the cover must be current. This ensures that as we work on your property you can relax and have some peace of mind. We have both the workers compensation as well as the general liability insurance. Our workers compensation policy protects you from bearing any costs in case one of our workers gets injured while working for you. We are also licensed to operate in Singapore, hence no need to worry about us duping you. As such you can be rest assured that we are not bringing any trouble to your property.

Warranties are guaranteed

We offer warranties that cover both labor and materials. We do not recognize verbal warranties as they cannot be verified. Due to this all our warranties come in written form. The warranty will protect you for a specified period of time, in case anything goes wrong.

Top notch customer service

Customer service is very important when choosing a painting company for your commercial property. We value your business and would not want you to worry much. As such painting service Singapore answers phone calls and responds to emails promptly. It is this reliable customer service ensures our workers are punctual, organized, committed and most of all trustworthy.

Saves you time and money

Using painting service Singapore gives you ample time to concentrate on other important things. Once we agree on how the work is to be done, everything else is on us. Compared to DIY painting, professional commercial painters will save you much. You get to use the right paint initially, so there will be no money wastage trying to replace paint. Giving your property that professional touch boosts your business in many ways.


Many clients have fallen victim of crimes committed by painters they invite into their properties. Such vices include upfront payments for which services are not provided for, poor workmanship and theft. Painting is an art, and differentiating good art from bad art is always an uphill task. As much as the beauty of any piece of art lies in the eyes of the beholder, that professional touch makes a huge difference. This is why you should choose painting service Singapore, to ensure your commercial property is given a quality paint.
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When it comes to the selection of colours, most of us will made mistakes because we only choose what is appealing to us. Colours have its own meanings too; thus, we should always select the colours according to our needs and job scopes. Most of the people might feel that neutral colours are very boring as they lack of vibrancy to the decorations. Besides using neutral colours, we can also use bright colours to accentuate the whole design of the office. Wallpapers can play a part in the design too; colours such as purple, green, brown, yellow and blue are most commonly used.

For some traditional offices they may not accept designs on the walls but, for the more modern offices these are well accepted. Red colour is not advisable to use for office painting, they make the employee stress and client who come to the office might not feel comfortable too. Many office uses white as their main color. It makes the place cleaner and also gives the employee a fresher feeling.

Most of us are always packed with busy schedules and we do not have the time to research on the selection of colours, paint brands, painting techniques and more. We should always seek advices from the professionals and not do it by ourselves. If you are lucky and skilful enough, you might do a good job but if you are not, you will make a huge mess instead. There are many Painting Services companies in the market which can be a headache for us because we do not know which one to trust and choose from. Painting looks easy but it is actually a very exhausting and requires a lot of skills. A professional must possess the ability to be updated with new techniques and information about painting. If you want to get your office painted, seek good suggestions from the professionals and they will cater to your needs.

If you are looking for a Professional Painting Company in Singapore that has tons of experience and testimonials to do the job for you, you can give us a cal or drop by our office for more discussion. We are here to help, no obligations.

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Got my 4 room HDB flat painted by them. They came down and gave me a free quotation and i paid the deposit on the spot and my house is painted within 1 day. I remember they even mop the floor for my house after the painting work is done. Superb service and very good price!
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My friend recommend me Singapore Painting Services and i tried their painting services last Wednesday. Overall i think they are good value for money and also painters are polite and hardworking. Will certainly recommend them to anyone who need painting service.
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Our office was painted by Singapore Painting Services. Painters are professional and does a quick and efficient job. I am very pleased with the service and the price i paid for my office painting is good value for money.
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Providing painting services for HDB, Condo, landed and commercial properties in Singapore. Call one of our 24 hours hotlines today
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