Professional HDB Painting Service

HDB flats can be seen all around Singapore. Getting a HDB unit is not an easy task. With the scarcity of land in Singapore, you can see that all HDB flats are built to almost it can touch the clouds or it actually is touching it literally.

Since is difficult to get a HDB unit, many Singaporeans after getting their dream unit at their dream location, they will tend to renovate their unit as according to their dream.

One simple renovation is Painting. HDB painting is not an unusual trend among all the HDB units. Who would really want a colour that was pre-paint or standardised when the HDB is built up? Everyone have their ideal colour for different rooms in their house, thus there is when the painting come in.

With the right colour of paint chosen to paint your room, will really determine how you would like to present your house to your guests. A right paint colour would let your living room look refreshing, comfortable and cosy atmosphere to your family or guests. You also can choose to paint your house to a theme of your choice i.e. country feel or modern feel.

Let me give you more ideas why you need to do a HDB painting:

1) If you had stayed in your HDB house for many years, would you rather not to have a new excitement for your whole family to their visuals and moods? A new painting of colour will do the trick. Furthermore, many years of sunshine and touching, those painting on your walls will start to look dirty, rundown or even dull looking so a new coating of paint is necessary.

2) Wall cracking or paint starting to peel and flakes? This is also an indication that you need to do a new colour painting. The reasons that may cause this phenomenon are, firstly, there will be moisture around your whole house either from your normal day to day cooking, mopping of floor etc. Secondly, sunlight will sure contribute to this phenomenon, as direct exposure will make your paint to peel and crack.

3) Always remember to take note of the different category of paint painted in each of your room. Oil based paint are not very encourage to use on the bathroom ceilings. Why is it so? Moisture formed during your showers will trapped on those ceiling and will formed condensation and water droplets will start to leave watermarks and droplet lines. Thus, a good professional painter will advise you to use a latex paint.

4) The main important point will be if you are planning to sell your HDB unit after a few years of staying, the evaluation of your unit will determine your unit’s value. Normally, a new paint in your house will bring up your evaluation and had your unit’s value to be re-evaluated.

To conclude, having your HDB unit painted is not easy. Painting can be fun when is done with your loves one.

However, do not forget all those tedious after cleaning work and preparations. Since, you managed to get your dream house, why not consider in engaging a professional painter to assist you out. Furthermore, buying paints are not as cheap; a professional painter would be able to get relatively low rates as they had their regular paint suppliers to supply them.

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