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5 Myths Of Hiring Local Movers

Moving from one place to another can be a very stressful experience, which is why moving companies have thrived in the past few decades. Most of us have tons and tons of stuff to move, a job we cannot hope to accomplish on our own. Over time, as it happens with practically any subject, a number of different myths have been born in regards to hiring local movers, and so here's a look at the five most popular ones and why they aren't true.

Myths of Local movers

Myth #1 - You Only have to Pay Local Movers After your Stuff is Unpacked

There are many people who believe that because local movers aren't part of a big company or corporation, they are at a greater mercy of the clients. In other words, many think that small-time movers will do whatever the client says before getting paid, and that includes unloading and unpacking the stuff. However, the truth is that pretty much every moving company will require for you to pay them before unloading your belongings. This is due to the fact that if a mover is to unload the stuff before getting paid, he or she runs the risk of never seeing any money.

Myth #2 - Most Local Movers have a Policy that will Cover any Damage during Transportation

Unfortunately, the truth is that pretty much every house mover out there will only provide a limited amount of protection. What's worse, in most cases that protection will only pay you back a fraction of the damaged item's worth. Before hiring anyone, make sure to know all the details about their refund policy.

Myth #3 - All Movers are Virtually the Same, so it Doesn't Matter who to Hire

You'll come across many people in your lifetime that will denounce all movers as being a bunch of crooks, claiming that in the end, it makes no difference who you hire for the job. Though it is true some people have nothing but unfortunate experiences, all movers are far from being the same. Different companies have different reputations, services, prices, employees and policies, meaning that some of them are better than others, you simply need to look in the right places to find them.

Myth #4 - You Must Pack Everything Before the Local Movers Arrive

A lot of people erroneously believe that because of their smaller scale, a local band of movers won't offer any services beyond the transportation of your goods. However, that's far from being true; you'll see that around one house mover out of two will also offer packaging services, and in most cases that means they are going to bring their own, professional containers.

Myth #5 - A Local House Mover Will Always End up Breaking your Belongings

Of course, breakage does happen from time to time, but that's simply the way of the world. Contrary to what some may tell you, breakages are actually quite rare occurrences for most movers, regardless of whether they are locals or not. Simply make sure that the people you hire are actual professionals and not part-timers; those who are properly-trained in the art of moving will very rarely even come close to breaking anything.



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