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14 Worst Mistakes People Make In HDB Painting

A good paint is one that protects your surfaces, and gives such surfaces a wonderful appearance. Most people make the mistake of using conventional paint alone, especially when they are doing it on their own. After some period, their efforts peel right in front of their eyes. Treating your paint effectively helps you save a huge bundle of time, money and effort in many years to come. Below, are 14 worst mistakes people make in HDB painting that should be avoided at all costs.

HDB Painting

1. Failing to inspect

It is always important to perform a quick test which in turn helps you in determining the job that is to be done. For instance, you could paint a small part of the surface you want to be painted. You can then remove it the next day by sticking some simple piece of tape before pulling it off quickly. If at all the tape stays clean, you will be assured that it is safe to repaint the whole HDB apartment. In case the tape pulls all the paint off down to the bare floor, then it implies that you will have to strip your house completely before repainting it with treated paint.

2. Preparing Surfaces Incorrectly

Correct preparation is extremely essential before painting, especially if you want the paint to last much longer. Some of the things you can do during preparation include removing loose paint with a good hook scraper and feathering thicker spots so as to create a smoother paint appearance. This would also be the best time to remove any cracked caulking.

3. Encouraging Premature Paint Failure

A surface with any type of moisture or water on it should never be painted. It is also important to ascertain that all rollers or brushes are completely dry before making use of them. You can use latex paint to fight moisture problems since it lasts longer in such damp areas. No paint will stick if your home has a moisture problem which causes collection of water behind the wood siding. It is thus necessary that you address the underlying problem first before undertaking to paint the house.

4. Using the Wrong Supplies

We highly recommend the use of simple quality tools. Such tools last longer, giving you service for many years to come. Make sure to use good bristles that have long bristles with chiselled ends and split tips. If possible, avoid the use of nylon and polyester brushes since they fail to release oil paint uniformly. Such kinds of brushes do a great job if used with latex paint. Most natural bristles such as hog's hair absorb water from latex painting very quickly and this ruins the brush. Brushes with natural bristles go well with oil paints.

5. Using Too Much Paint

In order to use the right amount of paint, it should be stirred thoroughly before and after the job. The brush should be loaded with the right amount of paint by dipping 1/3 of the bristles into the well-stirred paint. Make sure to use long smooth strokes when applying the paint. You should never forget to paint the trim. You should remove the shutters, paint them and hung them back once the task is complete.

6. Making Use of Regular Paint

Your choice of paint should be one that would last long and give your home a great appearance. This is one of the biggest investments you will ever make when it comes to your home. Making use of regular paint will most probably call for repainting every now and then. Why not choose suitable paint that will save you a huge deal of time, energy and money? It would be wise enough to decide on a kind of paint that is certain to deliver in terms of performance and durability.

7. Painting the Walls before the Ceiling

If painting the inside of your home, you should always start by painting where the walls meet the ceiling. Apply a strip of paint round the perimeter of the ceiling. This will help maintain a wet edge on the rolled ceiling area, as well as on the trim edge. It also helps in preventing development of a visible line. You should also paint a single wall at a time to help avoid running stripes.

HDB Painting

8. Poor Caulking

Correct caulking has always been and will always be the most important aspect in painting and appearance. Doing the painting then skipping the caulking is a common mistake people usually do. This is a step that should not be rushed, making sure that it is done correctly. It is an essential activity that enhances the overall appearance of every home. It covers up the ugly gaps that make the house look ugly.

9. Hiring the Wrong Paint Contractors

This is a common mistake that you should avoid, considering that you want to get as much value for what you pay for. It is important to check whether the painter you're hiring has liability insurance. Although it can be daunting having to do all such checks, it is definitely worth the time and effort. If possible, you can undertake to walk around a paint job they're already completed to help you assess their quality. You should also take a walk around the house assessing everything with your painter before they commence the task to help avoid any arguments once the job is complete.

10. Cutting the Corners when Stripping

Stripping the whole home down to the surface is a lot of work. You can start with energetic hand-scraping before making use of various tools to eliminate the remaining paint. You should then sand the entire surface until it becomes totally smooth. We highly recommend treating the house with a water-repellent which can be painted over so as to prevent penetration of moisture. You should see to it that the repellent you're purchased is paintable, otherwise it won't let the paint stick. You can make use of liquid sandpaper to help prepare oily, varnished or dirty surfaces for proper paint adhesion.

11. Using Too Little Paint

It is quite important that you make sure you're purchased enough paint prior to painting. This will help achieve the best color consistency in completing the entire painting project. It would be much wiser to measure the area intended for painting in square foot, enabling you to figure out how much paint will be needed for the entire project. You should also consider the nature of your surfaces, taking into consideration that rough surfaces will require more paint than the smooth ones.

12. Failing to Consider the Natural Environmental Factors

Most people are seemingly unaware that Mother-nature can help them during the painting process. You should try to paint in the shade if possible since applying paint in direct sunlight can make it dry much quickly. Painting in low temperatures is also not recommendable. Cool temperatures are known to make brushing and rolling quite difficult. They also slow down the process of drying, leaving wet-paint spots open to dirt, insects and pollen.

13. Wrong Use of a Ladder

Surprisingly, ladder falls cause a large number of deaths every year. Such accidents usually occur as a result of individuals overlooking the basic rules when using ladders. It is thus necessary to ascertain that you are using the right ladder, walking up the ladder with extreme care and descending in the same manner. You should always make use of belt buckles in order to maintain your balance between the ladder rails.

14. Incorrect Disposal

Oil-based and latex paints should always be used completely whenever possible. You should however, save only a minimal amount for touch-ups. You should dispose all containers appropriately. Dry, empty containers are recyclable in most recycling programs. You can also consider donating any unused paint products to a civic organization or community group.


You should keep in mind that the longevity of your paint job depends on the exact location of your house. It also depends on your house's protection from rain, sun and wind. Making sure not to do the above mistakes, and doing everything correctly during the painting process can double or even triple the life of your applied paint. You will be assured of living in an appealing house for many years to come, as well as protection and safety.

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