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7 Top Tips For Choosing The Best Painting Service In Singapore

When you have a painting project in your residential or commercial property in Singapore, you can either work on it by yourself or hire a professional painting service. The option you go for is highly determined on whether you have the prerequisite painting skills and the budget you have. However, it is worth noting that painting is a process that should be left to professionals. This is because there are some painting techniques required in order to have high quality results. You do not have to worry a lot about the amount charged because the quality of the painting you get from the professional services surpass this cost. To ensure that you get 100 percent satisfactory results, here are some of the qualities you need to look for in a painter.

Painting Service In Singapore

Demonstrate Patience

A great painting service must exhibit high level patience. This ensures that they do not get discouraged especially when undertaking big painting project. It is worth noting that painting a large project can take long. Patience on the part of the painter will highly determine the quality of work done. A good painting service in Singapore takes time instead of doing the work in a rush and has to redo it again when the final results are not satisfactory. Patience is also important to ensure that there are no spots even in most of the hidden parts that are left unattended. When painting, it is also good to be patient in order to do all the finishing as required and ensuring that everything is intact.

Focus on details

When looking for a professional for your painting servicing project, you need to go for one with the ability to focus on details. This is a great character that will ensure that a painter will not leave some areas of the house or some of your cabinets unattended. A good painter should not work on your painting project so fast in order to complete even before the given timeline. They should ensure that all the required coats are applied in the right way in order to have a smooth an elegant finish. The best way to understand if your potential painting service in Singapore focuses on details is asking for referrals from property owners who have hired them before. By doing this, you will get accurate information that will allow you choose the most perfect one.


Having painting work that is done in a consistent manner is vital to make your project look great. There are a lot of painters out there who lack this kind of consistency and will not do the same level of painting when working on the same project. For instance, you might have a painter who does great work today or one side of the house and then does poor work on the other. You need to look for a painting service with the ability to show high level consistency in order to offer uniform results for the entire painting project.

Painting Service In Singapore

Highly knowledgeable

You do not want to work with a painter in Singapore who cannot offer you any form of advice even when working on your project.

- A great painter need to be resourceful in a way that they can also advice you how to take care of the painting or how you can also do some simple painting in your house.

- They should also be able to provide you with effective solutions to some problems that you might face in your property in regard to painting. They should also provide their contacts to you so that you can get in touch whenever you need any help.

- A good painter should also be able to advice you on the best paints you can use to make your property stand out among others in your neighbourhood in Singapore.

Curious to learn

A great painting service in Singapore should have painters who are keen to learn new ideas when it comes to painting. They should ensure that they undertake continuous learning so that they get updated with the latest techniques and technology to apply when working on any painting project. By working with such a painting service, you will have confidence that you will get high quality results. The painting experts should also be able to understand how to use different colors to offer you highly customized results for your specific painting needs.

Painting Service In Singapore


If you do not take due diligence when doing the search, you might end up choosing a painter who will end up disappointing at the end. This is not only in terms of results, but also failure to finish working on your project at the agreed upon time.

- A good painter is one who stands with what they promise to do. It is always advisable to be wary of those who make promises that seem to be too good, because in most cases, such promises might not be true.

- You need to work with a painting service with the ability to complete your project within the deadline given without causing any form of inconveniences to you. Get referrals and look for online reviews so that you can understand how dependable different painters are.

Cost effectiveness

Cost is a very vital factor you have to put in mind as you shop for the best paint service in Singapore. At times you might end up being tempted to go for the cheapest service, but this might end up costing more in the long end. You need to go for that painter who charges a price that matches the quality of work done. A good service will no go for the lowest price because they are sure of the high quality results they offer. The price charged should also be determined by the size of your painting project. In overall, go for one charging the most affordable and reasonable price too.


The most important thing is for you is to take time as you do the search. Get as many recommendations as you can from those who have worked with the different painting services in Singapore. Let quality results be the first priority during the process.

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