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Whenever you're contracting a new painting service company, you have to make sure that they will perform their work, according to your instructions and preferences. In the following article we are going to tell you more about how to find the perfect contractor and how to make sure that your choice is the right one.

Painting Service Companies

Set a budget

Painting is considered by many, a long and complicated process, but it shouldn't be like that. If you're well organized and you plan it all from the beginning, everything it's going to be like a walk in the park. Think thoroughly what you want to accomplish, which are your favorite colors and most important, establish a budget. Depending on the money that you're willing to invest in your new painting job, you can search for a suitable contractor. Try to estimate how much paint it will be needed for the job and check the price of the paint that you want to be used. Only then, you can proceed to the next step.

Don't forget about the primer

A professional paint services contractor, will always use primer before adding the paint layer. The premier is extremely important for any paint job because it will ensure its durability and will also make the colors more vivid and brighter. That's why, it's extremely important to make sure that your contractor will use a layer of primer, before painting the surface. This is also another method to distinguish a good painting company from a bad one. The good contractors will know about the primer and you don't even have to ask them about it. It may sound like a small detail but it's actually very important and you shouldn't neglect it.

Painting Service Companies

Choose a proper color
Even though many contractors could recommend you a certain color, you should make the decision. You'll be the one living in that specific painted room / house, so you must be absolutely certain before you settle upon a color. Use your imaginations skills and try to visualize how your new painted surface will look like, in a certain color. Also, there are a few tips which will make your decision easier. For example, a dark color will make the room look smaller, while a light nuance will give the space a wider look. Another common mistake that many of us do, is to always opt for our favorite color. It isn't entirely wrong, but if you decide to paint all your rooms in a certain color, you might get bored of it and it will become unappealing after some time. Always opt for diversity and try to alternate the colors, as much as you can.

Hire the contractor

Now that you know what you want, what materials you need and what's your budget, you're ready to hire a paint services company. A very important thing when you're sealing the deal, is to understand what are the provided services and what is the total cost. Before doing any price estimation, a painter will visit you at home and measure the surfaces that are about to be reconditioned. The painter will also estimate how much paint will be needed for the process and other required materials, if that's the case. If the total price sounds convenient, you should start asking what services are included in the fee. The price should include things like: surface preparation, priming, what brand of primer and paint are they going to use and how many layers of paint are they going to apply.

Ask about any extra costs

A lot of painting services companies tend to come at you with a price, just to inform you later that they need more money, for an unexpected situation. A good contractor will properly inspect the area before starting the painting process and will know from the beginning if the procedure will lead to some complications or not. However, if you're willing to cover some additional costs, you should ask to be updated about any new operation that may occur and needs to be done.

Painting Service Companies

Ask them for a sample

Painting has to be a durable operation and as we mentioned before, you are the one who needs to feel comfortable with the new color. That's why, it's ideal to ask the contractor for a sample, just to see how the color looks on the surface. The sample doesn't have to be applied on a wide area. Just on a small surface, to see how it looks like. Occasional, you can ask them to let you observe the sample for a few more days, just to see how it behaves in different times of the day (sunrise, noon, sunset etc.). If you like what you see and it's what you want, you can ask them to start the actual painting process.

Ask for warranty

Even though not all the contractors will provide a warranty of their work, it's advisable to find one who does. A painting job is not cheap and because of that, it's expected to maintain in good condition for more than a few years. Considering that, you should ask the contractor for an estimation regarding the lifetime of the painting and request a warranty.


Finding a good paint services company in Singapore can be really easy if you're well informed and you know from the beginning, what you want. Work only with the best, and you will surely be satisfied in the end.

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