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How Much Does It Cost To Repaint 4 Room HDB in Singapore?

Many Singaporeans are housed by the Housing & Development Board. These public houses need to be maintained from time to time. Many Singaporeans are therefore looking for companies or people to help them with the 4 room HDB painting. Finding the right individual or company is one of the major concerns that Singaporeans are usually faced with. There are many painting services available but it is difficult to tell which one is the most reliable. There are people and companies that charge exorbitant prices for a 4 room HDB painting. That is why it is important to take your time and study some of these firms and people who offer these printing services. It is therefore important to be informed of the standard cost of painting to avoid being exploited.

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In Singapore, many individuals and firms will charge between $800 and $1400 for a 4 room HDB. These rates are however bound to change with time because this rate is usually reviewed after every one year. These rates also vary from one painting provider to another. The rates also vary according to the size of the HDBs. For a 4 room HDB painting, you can choose 3 wall colors. If you want more varieties, you will have to incur extra charges for all the additional colors.

When painting your brand new 4 room HDB, it is also important to consider the primers and sealers. This is because new houses have a high composure of moisture in the ceilings and walls as compared to older houses. If you apply paint directly on your new 4 room HDB, the paint will begin peeling off within a few weeks. Applying sealers and primers is therefore important for the new houses. Houses that are more than two decades also need to be coated with sealers before painting. Many Singaporeans do not want to spend their money on painting their 4 room HDB only for the paint to start peeling off within weeks.

There are two types of sealers; those that are oil based and those that are water based. The water based sealers are usually more costly than the oil based sealers. The water based sealers cost about $450 in Singapore while the oil based sealers cost $400. Before opting for a HDB painting service, it is important to do an extensive research. After painting has been done you will require to clean your house. It is therefore important to opt for the HDB painting service that offers painting services as well. You should be ready to incur an extra for the cleaning services. This is why it is important to read the terms and conditions carefully before appending your signature.

Before choosing a company, it is important to have a background history of the individual company. One of the greatest ways is by going through the feedbacks provided by the previous clients. This will also help you identify some of the pros and cons of some HDB painting companies. This will also help you identify the right and the most reliable HDB painting company to use.


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