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How Often Do You Need To Paint The Exterior Of Your House?

Painting the exterior of a house is very important not only for improving the looks of your home but also for adding to the value of your home. It is better not to make any delays in painting the exterior of your home. Exterior painting done at the right time can protect your home from external elements and the walls becoming damaged. Regular painting is the most inexpensive way of remodeling your home. So external painting should not be ignored or postponed. 

Painting Exterior Of The House

How often should I paint my home? Is it time to paint the exterior of my home? These two questions are asked very frequently by many house owners in Singapore. Are you one among them? Read further to know the answers to the questions that arises in your mind.

How often do you need to paint the exterior of your house?

The answer to this question cannot be given in a single line. There are many factors that decide the frequency of exterior painting. They are discussed below.

Harshness of climate

This is one of the major factors that decide when to paint and how often to paint the exterior of your house. Everyone knows that Singapore has a tropical climate with hot summers. It also receives heavy rains during the monsoon season. The sun and the rain are two main villains that affect the painting of the exterior walls. The paint may start to peel off. When the paints start to peel off, the walls are likely to get cracked. It is better to repaint the exterior walls the moment you see the signs of the paints getting peeled off.

Preparations done during previous painting

A lot of preparations have to be done before painting. The surface should be prepared well before painting. There should not be any dirt or grease. It should not be wet. The walls should be scraped off the older paint. Sanding, Caulking and applying primer are a few steps to be done before painting. If these steps are done properly and efficiently with lots of care and expertise, the paint in your exterior is sure to remain intact for a long duration. If you get the services of a professional painting company with a team of expert painters, the need to paint will not arise often.

Quality of paints and other materials used

Quality paints and materials can withstand the weather better and longer. If you use cheap paints of low quality, the exterior of your home may have to be painted often.

Number of coats

How many coats of paint was applied when your house was painted earlier? Was it just once? Then the paint will come off in just a year. If more coats are applied, the exterior of your home will look new for more than 5-7 years.

Material of the exterior

There are many types of materials used for the exterior walls that include wood shingles, cedar wood and cement etc. The frequency of exterior painting depends upon the type of material used.

Most house owners fail to look for symptoms of withering of paint in the exterior. The exteriors should be checked often. Can you see a whitish tint in your walls? Rub off the paint a little with your nails. If you see a chalk like residue flying, you can understand that you should make plans for the exterior painting of your home. Are there signs of peeling and cracking? If you observe any of these symptoms, make sure you get the services of a professional and reputed painting company to do the exterior painting of your home. Professional painters can save your time and money. You can have the job completed stress-free.


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