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Important Painting Techniques For Beginners

Do you wish to paint your own house? However, that thought quickly flushes out of your mind when you realize that you do not know a think about the important techniques involved in it. The next thing that you will probably do is look out for some professional painters who will do their job diligently and at the same time charge you reasonably. However, a genius once said that everything is difficult unless you try it. Here is a list of some important painting tips and techniques for beginners.

Important Painting Techniques For Beginners

- Choosing the right color

One must be very careful while choosing a color. Light colors are ideal. They look good everywhere. Be careful if you are choosing dark colors as you might need loads of windows and sunlight to lighten it.

Be careful about the quality of paint you choose. Majority requires double coats but few just require a single coat. Ask your salesman about the number of coats your paint will require. The cost varies as per the quality of paint.

- Making room for the job and prep work

You need to make sure that you have adequate space for painting your room. Put all the furniture in the center of the room and cover it with plastic or cloth in order to protect it from paint drips. Also, put plastic sheets all over the floor for the same reason.

Before you start painting, make sure that you remove the wallpaper and patch all the holes before you begin painting. Also, cover all the edges with a masking tape in order to ensure a smooth and neat finish.

- Beginning to paint

Begin by stirring your paint with a paint brush. Then, pour some paint in a tray. Make sure you cover the tin with a lid whenever you are not using it.


The first important technique of painting that beginners must know is bordering the edges. For those areas where rollers cannot reach, like the edges of the wall, windows and ceiling, we will use a flat brush.

Take a flat brush, and dip it in the tray. Do not overload it as it will leave behind lumps. Use the edge of the tray to remove extra paint. When you begin painting, do not start from the very edge. Start somewhere near the edge and then go towards the edge. The reason is simple, the first dab of your brush will release a larger quantity of paint which needs to be spread evenly. If you begin directly with the edges, it might ruin your fine finishing and edges.

The masking tape that you previously applied will not allow you to apply paint at the wrong place. However, one must be careful as too much of paint on the masking tape has a chance of seeping through and ruining your wall.

While painting with the flat brush, back and forth strokes are all right. However, the final stroke should be a long straight-line stroke. This will ensure that you have a neat paint without any lumps.

It is advisable to make this border around fixtures as well. This will make the painting job easier.


The second important technique of painting that beginners must know is using the roller.

Once you are done bordering the edges, you can begin using the roller. Dip the roller in the tray and load it evenly by moving the roller back and forth. Make sure that you do not overload the roller in order to avoid lumps. If after taking your roller out from the tray, it moves automatically downwards, then you have overloaded it. Move the roller in the tray again and remove the extra paint before beginning.

Once you have accurately loaded the roller with paint, you can begin painting the walls. It is advisable to apply paint in an “X” stroke. This stroke is preferred because the first dab releases a lot of paint. This excess paint needs to be spread evenly just like while bordering the edges. The “X” stroke will ensure that we spread it evenly from the center of the “X”.

While using the roller, be a little quick. If the paint starts to dry up and you move a roller on it, it will get caught in the roller and the paint will eventually wear off. Since, everything is properly bordered, using the roller becomes easy. Put one more coat of paint if required and you are done.

Now that you know the important techniques of painting, you must have realized that a beginner like you can also do it nicely by just being a little meticulous. Remember, painting is easy and fun when friends and good music are around. So, what are you waiting for? Use these important techniques right away and decorate your house the way you like it.

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