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Tips for Home Painting Services

There are very few things as thrilling as moving into a new house. You always love the smell of freshly painted walls. This magically makes you feel good. But there are a lot of things you're required to know and keep in mind while giving your home that fresh coat of paint.

Home painting tips

We bring to you the must-know house painting tips which can keep you on the top of the game:

1. Of prime importance- Primers

Your walls should be cleaned carefully and any dust or grime should be removed before starting the job. It can help the paint to adhere to the surface properly. Priming your wall is of the highest importance. Reason being, the primer forms the durable, strong, and smooth base for the paint.

Different types of primers are available for interiors as well as exteriors, so select accordingly. Your walls would require at least 2 coats of a good primer to provide necessary protection and to make sure that your paint gets an even finish.

The better the priming is going to be, the more lasting and well-finished your painting will be.

2. Better try shades first than worry later

Instead of investing in a gallon of paint and wondering how it may look on your wall till it is done, it is smarter to pay money for a few sample quantities first and then try them out on your walls. Complete the patch test and try out the combination for different walls of the room, so that you will be confident regarding your choice before you take the plunge. You can also paint a piece of foam board and can move it around the walls. Before you choose the final color, think, try, & experiment.

3. Mix in large quantities

Once the colors are bought, make sure that they're mixed in bigger quantities at a time to confirm uniformity throughout the room. If the colors are mixed in smaller proportions, they should be mixed time and again. This may increase the chances of discrepancy in the quantities which may result in the variation of shades on the same wall. If possible, mix the entire quantity of paint for one color at once to prevent any kind of remixing. You can enjoy a uniform look throughout the room.

4. Rollers or brushes:

Many people get confused between which tool is more effective for house painting; we say to use a bit of both. For the exterior, you would require rollers for the larger surface and brushes for the smaller areas, trims, and edges. For the interior, rollers are the most competent options because they can give a smoother finish and can cover more area at a time.

Rollers can also be preferred. Reason being, they can be used easily by both amateur and the professionals alike. So tape can be used to cover out areas and to make even lines at edges and corners. It can be removed once the paint is dry for a picture-perfect look.

Home painting tips

5. If you care, then you must cover

Take care to protect whatever you don't want to get paint on and make sure that the floors are covered well so that your flooring is saved from paint splatters. Securely cover up all the furniture and decor items, if any, so as not to get paint on them.

Also, group up whatever you have in the rooms at the center. Cover them all together for a better protection & to give space to the workers for painting the walls without any hindrance. Remember to cover the light fittings, doorknobs, switchboards, woodwork and any other such knick-knack which might be easily overlooked.

6. Know your paints

Paints nowadays are available in a mindboggling variety of colors, textures, finishes, and compositions. It is important to choose wisely, as per the look and finish you want on your walls. Learn about the difference between water-based paints, latex paints, oil paints, etc. Consult with experts to know which type would be best for your walls, while being within your budget.

Take care while mixing and matching different colors for different walls of the same room. There shouldn't be too much variation in the finishes of two adjacent walls. One accent wall may have a different texture or look, but even if the colors are different, the other three should have a similar finish.

7. Plan ahead

Without proper planning, don't rush into painting your house or start the project. Before deciding the time for undertaking house painting, you have to consider a few things. Give your exterior & interior paints the optimum amount of time to dry, without which it won't be durable. Keep them at bay as humidity and damp are the biggest enemies of paint.

8. Let it dry

Your paint needs ample time to dry. So, make sure that the paint gets at least 24 hours to dry between coats. Once the painting is complete, allow 1 to 2 days drying time before arranging the room or bringing in fittings, furniture, furnishing, etc. The better the paint dries, the stronger and firmer will it be. You have to exercise patience to allow the drying process, but it is worth in the long run.

9. Well-cleaned and stored

Don't wash or wipe freshly painted surface at least for 15 days. If required, store small quantities of all the paints in old jars or containers for touch-ups. Label them properly. If your personal paint brushes or rollers were used, confirm that they're cleaned properly with solvent and thinners. Always hang paint brushes upside down in order to maintain the shape of the brush.

Home painting tips

10. Maintenance is the key

To make the paint last long, maintain it well. Clean the painted surface once in a while with a mild soap and water solution so as not to let dust, grime, or stain settle in deeply.


Paint colors will dramatically change the mood and interior design of your home. Before you paint, you should know the following things:

Test the Paint Color
Pay Attention to the Finish You Choose
Paint Can Be Changed
Priming Saves on Paint
Brush Before Rolling

Also consider

Decide the Color -
Colour is the most important thing to look for as the color and its type decide the quality of painting and the outcome. I would suggest consulting an interior design expert who can assist you with necessary home painting tips while choosing the best color for your home. There are millions of colors to choose from so you can take the help of advanced tools that are available online.

Brush and other Tools -
In order to get the desired results out of your home painting efforts it is necessary to use good quality brushes and painting equipment. Although the quality depends on the surface you want to paint with. If it is about painting some wood-work, a brush comes as a good option. In case of ceilings and walls, a roller can be a better option. Go for a few brushes or rollers of different sizes so as to get the best outcomes.

Many times you end up with dirty floors with paint stains so always use a good quality cleaner to clean the floors after the paining is completed. It results in best rooms with everything well managed.

Following the simple home painting tips will give you desired results in terms of well-painted house along with complete satisfaction at feasible prices. There are a number of paint contractors to look for before finalizing your painting decision. Always look for the affordable option along with the desired quality.

Moreover, you can search for more helpful home painting tips on the internet that is not only reliable but affordable as well.

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