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5 Tips On Choosing The Right Painting Service

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5 Tips On Choosing The Right Painting Service

Below are 5 tips to help you in choosing the right painting service

Explore your option
There are so many resources available when you are attempting to locate prospective painting services. There is no assurance that any random companies you find while searching the internet will be reputable.

Get recommendations
Obtain personal recommendations. Ask people in the neighborhood if they are satisfied with their painting and inquire the contractor who did the job. Satisfied clients are the best advertisement for a painting service.

Get several Bids
After choosing a few contractors that have caught your attention, the next step is to get bids. It is always a good plan to get several bids for evaluation purposes. Avoid selecting a company simply because they offer the lowest bid price. This is the most dangerous method of choosing a contractor. Though a little healthy rivalry never harms anyone and it aids in maintaining prices at a reasonable height.

The best rule of thumb is to obtain three bids before making your choice. Now you may need to contact more than three contractors as to acquire your three bids since some of the companies might be back-logged with work and, unfortunately, some of them are not great at returning phone calls or emails messages.

Interview the Candidates
The best moment to find out all needed information concerning your painting contractor is prior to hiring them. They are factually interviewing for your post so do not be scared to ask hard questions. The main reason why homeowners end up disappointed with their contractor is that they did not identify the appropriate questions to ask before they choose the contractor. If you fail to ask the appropriate questions then your decision will most probably be based on price bid. You are searching for the company that you can trust to offer you quality job and provide you with the best value for your capital.

Check References
Your final step in choosing a painting service is to assess their references. Any reputable company will have a complete list of reference they will give to you so you can be able to check out what they have accomplished. You can the homeowners a call or at least drive to the location and take a glance at it in case the painting was exterior. Now you can select the right contractor with confidence.


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Providing painting services for HDB, Condo, landed and commercial properties in Singapore. Call one of our 24 hours hotlines today
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