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4 Tips On Painting Your HDB Flat in Singapore

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Tips On Painting Your HDB Flat in Singapore

Want to paint your HDB flat? Painting your own house takes meticulous planning and careful precision. Above all, it requires expertise and patience. Breathing new life into your home through HDB painting services is cost-effective and the results are incredible. Painting the house frequently is necessary in order to change the mood of the room, express your personality or just align it with the season. Hiring a professional painting company to paint your HDB flat will dramatically change its appearance and make it more stylish and picturesque.

Before going with any painter you come across, you need to be sure you are selecting the right company for the task. This will ensure quality work is done and that the results will be impressive. Painting your flat will not improve its appearance only. It can also increase its market value in case you need to sell it. Buyers are always willing to pay more for a property that is appealing to their eyes and painting goes a long way in improving the appearance of a house.

Here are some tips of painting your HDB flat in Singapore.

1. Use non-toxic paints.
It is important to ensure non-toxic paint is used in HDB painting. Poisonous or toxic paints can be unhealthy to you and your lovely family members. You should thus be very careful when selecting the paint you will use particularly if you have kids in your family. It is also important to paint it when there is no expectant mother living in the house and to ensure all windows and doors remain open for proper ventilation until the paint has dried up.

2. Set your allowance
Have a budget once to you have decided to paint your HDB flat. Many HDB painting companies charge varying prices for their services. Whether you are painting your interior, exterior, kitchen, bathroom of the faux, you must have a budget in place. Contact the painters you are interested in hiring and check their rates. Chose the affordable one but also inquire to learn about the quality of their services. You should end up choosing the best painting company with the least charges.

3. Consult experts.
Even though you know a lot about your HDB flat and how you would want it to look like, it is important to seek the advice of an expert. This could be a home decor specialist a specialist painter or an engineer. This will help you decide on the best paint to use and how best to have your flat pained.

4. Know about service delivery timing.
Once you have acquired the right painter, enquire about the time it will take to paint the house and when the work will begin. This will aid you to plan your schedule. You will know when to move things around the flat and how long the job will take. You should also ask about the charges. Some painters charge fixed prices while others charge per hour. This will also help you set the right budget.

Once all this is done and you have acquired the right HDB painting services, you can rest assured that your expectations will be fulfilled. Your HDB flat will have a facelift making it more beautiful and increasing its value.
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