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6 Tips On Painting Laminate Countertops

When you choose to replace an unsightly and outdated laminate countertop, you may have to dig deep into your pockets to undertake the project. However, if your counter is in good shape and is structurally alright, one of the ways of restoring its charm and sheen is to paint it.

6 Tips On Painting Laminate Countertops

Here are top 6 tips that you must adhere to while getting your countertop painted:

1. Prepare the surface well

If you paint on a dirty countertop, the paint may not stay on the surface for long. For paint to adhere properly to the surface, make sure that the surface is clean of all debris. If need be, sand the surface to remove particles that have remained stuck to the platform for long. Subsequently wash the countertop with hot water and detergent. A good agent to remove grease and other residues is tri-sodium phosphate. After having washed the surface, scuff it with a fine sandpaper to leave the surface distressed. This distresses texture will give a grip to the paint and allow it to stay on the surface without peeling and flaking. Use vacuum cleaner and a tack cloth to remove dust traces.

2. Apply primer

Ignoring to apply a primer can be disastrous for the countertop. Primer prepares the surface to be painted. It binds better to the surface than the paint and gives you an even base to apply the paint on. Priming becomes all the more important when you want to paint a dark colored countertop in a light color. Do not forget to compare the compatibility of the primer and the paint with each other.

3. Add texture and color

While it will be easy to paint your laminate countertop in one single color, you do have an option to make use of sponges, paintbrushes and feathers to create surfaces that resemble marble or give a splattered effect to the surface. You can make your countertop look like granite by using faux-stone spray paint. Fine grain glitter adds dimensions and sparkle to the countertop. It is wise to carry out a test run on a piece of scrap to perfect your hand before applying it to the countertop.

6 Tips On Painting Laminate Countertops

4. Have plenty of time at hand to allow it to cure

Do not expect your countertop to get ready for work at least before a week. Make alternate arrangements to take place of the countertop. This time is required to allow paint, sealer and primer to dry and cure to give a long lasting and strong finish to the laminate countertop. Even after a week has passed, avoid placing anything heavy such as a toaster or a microwave on the surface for another week. Also keep the countertop dry for the same duration or till such time the paint dries completely.

5. Do cover your cabinets

Paint and primer both have very strong binding with materials. Once applied, they may be very difficult, if not impossible to remove from the surface. It is therefore wise to tape and drape plastic cloth over surfaces that are not to be painted. Most common victim of a brush stroke gone haywire is the cabinet under the countertop.

6. Do not use the sealer in a miserly manner

Whether it is polyurethane or a pour-on-glass sealer, it is recommended to use multiple coats on the surface in order to achieve the best finish. The sealer avoids daily wear to your countertop besides preventing the paint from being scratched.

Caring for your countertop

There are no two ways about the fact that it is a budget friendly way to paint laminate countertops when compared to a replacement. However, after you have painted your countertop in the manner of your choice, it is necessary that you take adequate care of it thereafter. Use pads or trivets under hot pants and pots and make use of cutting boards when working with knives. While the tips mentioned above will go a long way in letting you paint the countertop yourself, there are more than fair chances of you spoiling the show in order to save some money. When a project such as painting an old laminate countertop to restore it to its former glory is at hand, it is wise to resort to the services of a professional laminate countertop painting company.

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