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How Much Does It Cost To Paint A House In Singapore?

All houses need a paint job at one point or another. If you live in Singapore and you want to paint your home, you need to know how much it will cost as well as the process involved. Each home is unique and will need special attention. There are paint jobs that take as little as a single day while others may take as long as several weeks to complete. The type of paint job, (interior, exterior or both) will vary depending on the size of the home, condition of the home, the contractors available and type of paint that is going to be used. 


How Much Does It Cost To Paint A House In Singapore?


Interior painting

When interior painting is to be done, there are two main factors that will determine the overall costs; number of rooms to be painted and condition of the trim and walls. Typically, interior paint jobs will cost anything between 500 SGD (Singapore Dollars) and 6,250 SGD. The following is a breakdown of professional painting costs for rooms in your house: 

- Bedrooms: 275 SGD to 575 SGD 

- Closets: 100 SGD to 360 SGD

- Kitchens: 175 SGD to 375 SGD

- Bathrooms: 250 SGD to 475 SGD

- Stairwells: 225 SGD to 550 SGD

- Hallways: 150 SGD to 430 SGD


In addition to the above totals, you should add 150 SGD to 265 SGD for wallpaper removal for each room. Lead-safe preparation for each room will cost 65 SGD to 240 SGD. Furthermore, all frames, trim or base will cost an additional 75 SGD to 200 SGD per room while every door or window sash will costs approximately 50 SGD to 100 SGD. Lastly, 40 SGD to 60 SGD per hour or per room should be added for additional preparation or painting. Take note that all materials and labor are inclusive in the costs estimates. 


Exterior painting

A typical exterior will need two top coats of the paint you wish to use. There are three house features that will substantially affect the cost of painting your home’s exterior. They are details such as the features your home has, siding material and height and size of your home. 


For the height and size, standard prices for an exterior re-paint job including preparation and one or two top coats are 2,000 SGD – 3,300 SGD for a one story home with 800 – 1,600 square feet. A two story home will cost you 3,000 SGD – 5,800 SGD as long as its area ranges between 1,500 to 4,000 square feet. A three story home costs about 5,000 SGD to 7,500 SGD if it has 3,600 to 6,000 square feet.


Preparation for exterior painting will vary. Below is information on the different types of preparation and amounts for the same:
- Extensive preparation: 2,000 SGD to 4,500 SGD which includes a week or more of scraping and a full coat of primer being applied. It usually uses 10 to 100 tubes of caulk. 

- Average preparation: 600 SGD – 1,900 SGD worth of preparation will include lead-safe scraping for 2 days, multiple areas being spot primed and 6 – 10 tubes of caulk being used. 

- Minor preparation: May need a maximum of 500 SGD that includes power-washing, some areas spot primed and usage of 1 – 5 tubes of caulk. 

- Lead safe preparation has to be done to houses that have wood siding. 


For additional features, you will need to add the following amounts:
- 175 SGD to 350 SGD for spraying shutters

- 75 SGD to 125 SGD for doors

- 50 SGD – 100 SGD for each window sash

- 350 SGD to 850 SGD for the foundation

- Downspouts and gutters will require 250 SGD to 750 SGD

- Extensive trim / fasc: 550 SGD – 950 SGD

- Multi-colors which includes a minimum of three colors on accents and body

- 600 SGD – 1,150 SGD for each porch including all surfaces and floors 


This information gives you the perfect guideline on how much it costs to paint a house in Singapore. You should be able to have an estimate of how much you will spend whether it is for interior painting, exterior painting or both. Take note that the above figures are estimates from professional painters. The cost of your individual home will be determined by the painter you choose. 


Make sure you have an estimate from a contractor before you start any painting project on your home. An estimate will not only help you effectively plan for the project, but also ensure you do not spend money you do not have. At the same time, during the estimate process you will be able to have an idea of the areas that need repair or any other improvements on your house.


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