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How To Paint 4 Room HDB Flat?

Many people in Singapore live in a HDB flats that need decoration. Decorating a flat may require some painting. You can hire a professional to do HDB flats painting or you can do it yourself. In case you wish to paint your HDB yourself, here are some vital tips for painting a HDB flat.


How To Paint 4 Room HDB Flat?

Hiring a professional painting company
In case you don’t want to paint your HDB flat yourself or you need a higher quality painting by an expert professional painter, you can hire a professional painting company. Getting a good painting service provider for an HDB flat can be challenging. Though there many such services provides, getting a reliable one that suit your need can be very difficult.

A good company, with many years of experience in HDB flat painting, has the best methods of painting flats and you will not have to worry about messing up with your house. Some companies even include free house cleaning services after completing the painting. So instead of hire a cleaning company to clean up dirt left in the floor later, it is better to hire a company that include both services.

i. Choose your favourite paint: Many manufactures supply quality-painting materials. It is important that you choose a quality paint to avoid future problems. The type of paint you choose should be safe for your HDB flat. Ensure that it does not contain any dangerous chemical.

ii. Determine amount of money required: it is important that you determine the total amount of money that you need to spend in painting the whole flat. Several cost-structures for determining cost for painting an HDB flat are available. Calculate it carefully to avoid future financial problems.

iii. Get tips on how to paint correctly: a lot of tips on how to paint a house correctly are available online. Make sure that you read correct instructions. Generally, you have to apply the paint evenly on the walls of your flat.

iv. Allow your HDB flat to dry up for several days: once you have completed painting your flat, leave it for several days to dry. This is crucial for your health as most painting materials are dangerous.

How To Paint 4 Room HDB Flat?

Choosing the right color for your HDB flat

Choosing the right color for your flat is among vitals decision in decoration yet most people often confused of which color combination are right for their homes. Here are some color ideas that will help you to jumpstart the process of getting creative ideas.

i. Consider your favourite color: Your HDB flat should reflect your personality. Most people dent to have a single of combination of color preference, and that should be reflected on your flat.

ii. Color of the available paints: there many varieties of paint available in Singapore’s paint supply stores. Visit paint supply stores and compare available paints. Some paints with neutral colors tends to retain popularity for many years and are the best options especially if you intend to paint once in many years.

iii. Painting color trends: pay attention for the current color trends used in different homes. Color trends are evolving like any other fashion. Color trends reflects emotions and moods of the season and are useful in creating homes that are synonymous with time.

iv. Best color combination: right color combination will make every room in the HDB flat to stand out yet feel inviting. The right combination is determined by your personality. Try out different combination with the help of an expert before deciding the right combination for your flat.

Cost of HDB flat painting
There are many painting companies out there and some of them are even ready to charge you more than what you should pay. In such situation, you should be keen while choosing your painter and you should also know the exact cost for painting HDB flats. Paint services in Singapore charge about $ 950 for a three-roomed flat and about $1400 for a five-roomed flat. There rate have been estimated on average basis and varies from one service provider to another.

Painting a brand new house can be a pit more expensive as it involve application of sealers or primers. Newly build walls have high moisture content and if you directly apply paint over it, it will start to peel off after a few weeks. There are two type of sealers; water-based sealers and oil-based sealers. Oil-based sealers for 4 rooms goes for around $500 while the same amount of water-based sealers goes for around $450.


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