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What Is The Best Color To Paint Your HDB Flat?

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What Is The Best Color To Paint Your HDB Flat?

Want to repaint your HDB flat? HDB flats were the Singapore government's answer to the rising housing problems in the 1950's. These high-rise buildings, which started to be built in 1960, provided homes to low income groups who at that time were living in squatter settlements and slums, by means of renting or buying these flats. Up to this day, these buildings continue to rise as Singapore's population also increases with not much land area to accommodate locals and foreigners.

Sizes of HDB flats have varied since the time it was first built in response to the needs of specific times. Initial designs were 1 to 3 room flats, but when Singapore experienced the start of a progressive economy, bigger 5-room flats started to emerge with floor areas of 83 to 123 square meters. In the last 15 years however, these were reduced to about 90 to 110 square meters to accommodate for more flats in a very limited total land area.

This is why most HDB flats today are not as spacious as they once were, making homeowners come up with ideas to make their homes look bigger. One way to do this is to use mirrors on the walls and another is to use the right color scheme on interior paint.

Paint Color Ideas for HDB Flats:


This is the safest color to use since it can blend well with any kind of furniture or home accessories. Further, it instantly brightens a room, making it look wider and open. This is why some homeowners who plan to sell their flats usually hire a painting service to completely turn the flat white, as it has a positive impact on winning a buyer.

Pastel Colors

Combinations of the light shades of yellows, pinks, blues, cream, and green are ideal for female occupants or for those with little daughters. Pure white can be boring at times, while pastel colors can give a flare of art and fun yet still keep the room bright. A good painting service company can mix up the right colors for each room to give a little variety and style.


HDB flats are low cost housing, but that does not mean it cannot be classy. Neutral colors usually provide a touch of elegance when blended well in different tones, contrasts, and textures. Light neutrals can make a room spacious and airy, while dark neutrals provoke a feeling of coziness. Find a painting service that has an experience in implementing different textures and patterns so that your wall paint can stand as a décor as well.

Warm Colors

Touches of yellow, red, and orange can make your room very bright and welcoming. It is a nice place to come home to as it exudes feelings of nurture and happiness. Ask your painting service to make vertical lines to give an illusion of an extended ceiling. Avoid horizontal lines that cut the height of a wall.

Cool Colors

Tones of blue, gray, and black are another way to give your home an elegant look, and this also matches well with male occupants. Another advantage is it has a cooling effect, which you would like to have in a country that experiences humid weather most of the year.


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